We’ve just launched our business offering! (and could use your help)


This is Tomer, founder and CEO of Soluto. We have some cool news to share and we could really use your support in spreading it around.

Earlier today, after several crazy weeks, we finally launched our new service for IT managers in small businesses and IT service providers. The new service includes some awesome new features such as remote access, chat, asset management and extended reports, and can really help IT pros become more productive and provide a better service.

Don’t worry – Soluto still has a free version, and nothing will change for existing users.

If you would like to enjoy our new features, upgrade to Pro. It’s totally worth it… and you will make us very happy :)

Wondering how you can help (and even win an iPad mini)? If you know anyone who might enjoy our new stuff, or works in IT, share Soluto them. To show our appreciation we’ll be drawing an iPad mini among those whose friends actually join and add PCs. For that to work, please share from here (you have to be a Soluto user).

Live long and prosper,

The Soluto Team

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