Soluto gives IT Support to a new Business (and outfits babies too)

November PR, a boutique Public Relations firm, is the brainchild of two new moms, Irit and Sharon,  who share a passion for PR and also the excitement of being a new mom. Since they run the business out of their homes, they depend on their PCs, and with two babies and a new business, they don’t have time to think about IT. That’s where Soluto comes in.

Soluto keeps their machines up to speed and  makes running their business much easier. Plus, Soluto lets them know about helpful apps that they can install on their PCs to improve their business. For example, Dropbox was installed on both of their computers in just 1 click using Soluto, enabling them to collaborate on projects easily over the web.

Irit and Sharon say a big thank you to Soluto for helping November PR to take off. Plus, their babies look pretty cute in Soluto blue.

Need IT for your small business? Give Soluto a try – it’s the easy way to make IT a no-brainer.

Learn how Soluto can make running your business much easier. Or reach out to us with any questions – we’re happy to help :)

The Soluto Team.

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  • besplatan:

    Hey Soluto, where are your LIES about Windows 8 market share? Huh? No more cheering, huh assholes?

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