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Nexium For Sale, So you’re excited to upgrade to Windows 8, but are you ready to say goodbye to the classic Windows you've used for years?

If you’re already using Windows 8, you've probably noticed that the Windows 8 start menu is missing. Buy Nexium without prescription, Or, maybe you’re waiting to upgrade to Windows 8, after Nexium, Nexium blogs, but you’re already worried about how you’ll manage without the start button.

Windows’ Start button and start menu are familiar comforts to most PC users, Nexium dosage. Nexium use, However in Windows 8, the PC boots directly into the new Windows 8 Start screen and the start button and menu are no longer available, order Nexium online overnight delivery no prescription. Nexium maximum dosage,  Some people who are already using the Windows 8 preview have found these changes the hardest to get used to.

That’s why Soluto is giving you the opportunity to bring back the start menu and start button, Nexium For Sale. 

Although you can switch to the Classic Desktop from the Windows 8 Start screen once the PC finishes starting up, Nexium reviews, Nexium alternatives, many want to go straight to the Classic mode every time so you can get the start menu and start button as soon as you boot your PC.  Simply log in to your Soluto account, where can i find Nexium online, Nexium recreational, go to your PC dashboard and click on the new Windows 8 section.  This will give you the ability to switch your PC start up from Windows 8 Start screen to Classic Desktop, Nexium without a prescription, Online buy Nexium without a prescription, all in 1 click.

Changing to the Classic Desktop mode will allow you to bring back the Start button and Start menu, Nexium long term, Nexium without prescription, providing easy and familiar access to your frequently used apps and favorite functionality as soon as you start up.


Now you can enjoy your new OS while still having the Windows features you know and love at hand.

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16 Responses to “Nexium For Sale”

  • Rikus:

    it doesn’t work at my brothers pc. How can i get it working?

  • Tuhin:

    Yeah i know that :)

  • Connor Mac Oud:

    You already know that full support for Windows XP will stop April 2014 right?

  • Tuhin:

    Dam, stick with xp then!!
    How Many times i have to tell you, i’m talking about desktop UI,
    I never use metro apps, when i have a Desktop UI and standalone application!
    Still i don’t find anything unproductive in windows8, just missing a start menu, will not make a huge loss in a company!
    As you said you are a web dev! How Dafuq start menu will make you productive..?
    All you need is to start dreamweaver (or other) and code!

    Being a programmer/developer , I always go with faster boot time and efficient memory management and ample about of free resources for software testing !

    So seems to be a null pointer exception to me, even my grandparents don’t gives a shit about start menu anymore, on their win8 netbook!

  • Windows 8.1 will not have a start menu. Pre release images show a start button which brings up a metro style menu. It’s not the same thing as the windows 7 start menu.

    As for the Grandma only insult, well I think you are being rather short sighted or just extremely arrogant. Many developers and web designers such as myself, prefer to work in a more productive environment, i.e. the windows desktop.

    The media rich tiles of metro are aimed soley at users wanting a simplistic interface and Metro apps are very limited in functionality compared to full blown desktop applications.

  • Tuhin:

    Yo, heard of windows 8.1..??
    its for grandmas, who requested startmenu back!
    Windows 8 is better, windows7 is good just shitty startup time man even on a SSD!

  • Do you not understand what a metaphor is for goodness sake, plus I already use start8 and the desktop environment exclusively.

    My point was that Microsoft should provide a choice to all users for the type of environment in which they wish to operate, not have third parties add this functionality for them, or expect people to just “live with it” which was what you comment was suggesting.

  • Tuhin:

    You comparing car with a software..??
    C’mon dude, grow up! (-_- )
    I hardly even use METRO apps, just use it in DESKTOP UI.
    Why not take a OS which boots faster and takes less amount of ram..?
    I don’t find anything unproductive in this, and if you are so nitpicky then you can use a “Classic Powershell” to get back your startmenu!

    WIndows8.1 will gonna come with stock startmenu btw!

  • Bull, why adjust to something that is not productive for a desktop user. Keep Metro for the touch screen users, start menu for traditional desktop users, a simple matter of providing a choice to your users.

    Let me ask, does your car have a petrol or electric engine? Electric doesn’t work so well yet, but it’s newer so by your logic you should switch and get used to it shouldn’t you?

    Not going to happen as petrol works, which is exactly the same for the Metro and Start menu debate.

  • [...] Soluto is Celebrating 1 Year on the Web December 6th, 2012 | Author: Larissa Shulman In about a week, on December 13, the Soluto web service will celebrate its 1 year anniversary. We’ve come a long way since the launch of the web service. Since launching it, we’ve added new apps to the product, like Skype and Dropbox, and a bunch of new features too, including the ability to help someone else with their PC remotely, email notifications, Quick Question, and a Windows 8 section. [...]

  • QwertyNinja:

    I agree, The start menu is outdated and cumbersome. The Start Search feature had pretty much replaced the start menu for me since Vista. Now the start screen takes advantage of the same start search feature, and you can get to anywhere on your computer by just typing a couple letters on the start screen, not just applications, but settings, control panel options, display settings etc.

  • Tuhin:

    Just learn to accept CHANGE guys.
    So what if we don’t have start menu..?? we will adjust to it. :)

  • Tuhin:

    Umm, do you country monitor your internet activity..??

  • Stardock “Start8″ costs $5 after a 30 day trial, tho

  • Or you could get Stardock “Start8″
    Which does it a lot better, and for a longer time

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