Introducing Quick Question

As techies, we got used to getting calls from friends and relatives who need help with their technology. We’ve heard about all the annoying tech problems you can imagine, and we know it’s not always easy to work out a problem over the phone.  Well, those days are over.

We’ve decided to make it much easier for the people we help to ask us a question about any issues they might have on their PC…

Introducing, Quick Question!

Now, as soon as the person you support with Soluto experiences an issue with their PC, they can ask a Quick Question with the push of a button. Next time their PC is acting up they don’t need to get upset.  They can simply hit F8, type their question, and click send.  An email will be sent to you with the question along with a screenshot, a list of running processes, and the resources they consume.

Plus to make their life even easier we’ve designed a keyboard pop-up (our best one yet!) as a way to help them locate F8 for quick tech help.  They can print it here to get quick and easy tech help and to brighten up their keyboard.

You’ll receive their message in an email, and can take a look at what’s going on inside their PC. Here’s what you’ll see:

Click on “Get More Info” to see a list of running processes and the resources they consume.

Let the people you help know that they can get their Quick Questions to you by hitting F8. Not supporting anyone with Soluto yet? Learn how to start supporting another PC with Soluto. Don’t have Soluto yet? Get it now – it’s free.


P.S. If you’re a non-registered Soluto user, you can still use the Quick Question feature – learn how.

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