Infographic: Chrome winning battle of the browsers

The battle of the browsers has started again, and this time Google Chrome is taking the lead.

Infographic: Chrome winning battle of the browsers

Chrome soared in popularity from mid-April and now it’s way out in front with 42.5% of Soluto users choosing it, leaving Firefox at just 28.1% and Internet Explorer at 29.4%.

The march to victory continues. Of those switching their browser, 60.6% are moving to Chrome with the majority switching from Internet Explorer.

Chile, Colombia, and Argentina are the Chrome craziest countries while Japan, Denmark, and China are still sticking with Internet Explorer.

Wondering how we know all this?  Soluto is a web service that helps everyone get more out of their PC.  Every day Soluto collects anonymous technical data so we can help our users to make their PCs work even better. With this data we can spot patterns helping us to predict the likely winner of the Battle of the Browsers round 2.

Want to try Chrome for yourself? Set it up with one click in Soluto.

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