Better Browsing with Soluto

With Soluto it’s easy to create your ideal internet experience.  If you already have your browser set up just the way you like it, then this is your chance to help your friends and family enjoy a smoother browsing experience too.

Getting started is easy:

1. Choose the person you want to help from your Soluto home screen, or start with your own PC.


2. When you get to the PC page, click “Internet” from the menu bar under the PC.


3. Once you’re in the Internet section, you can start by setting the default browser.  Change the browser to the one you think is best.  You can install a new browser with just one click.


4. Next you can select a search engine.


And set a homepage.


5. See which toolbars or add-ons are slowing your browsing experience and disable them easily.  Here’s how:

Run your mouse over the add-ons, on the left-hand side of the Internet section.  Click on an add-on to learn more about what it does, and see what other Soluto users chose to do with it.  Then decide whether to keep it or disable it.


You can do the same thing with toolbars:

internet 7

Enjoy lighter browsing for you and your friends, family, and colleagues with Soluto and live tech happy.

Happy browsing,