Getting Started with the Soluto Metro App

Already using Windows 8?  Lucky you!  Let’s take a closer look at what you can do with Soluto on Windows 8 and get you started with the Soluto Metro app:

1. First, download the Soluto app from the Windows 8 App Store.
2. Then, invite the people you want to help, your friends, family and co-workers, to Soluto.


  • a. Type the name of a person you want to help and click “Add This Person”.
  • b. They’ll receive an email invite asking them to download Soluto.

3. Once they’ve installed Soluto you can immediately start helping them with their PCs.

  • a. Tap an avatar to view their PCs.

Metro App Dashboard & Person View

  • b. Tap a PC to see everything that’s going on with their PC.

Metro PC Overview

  • c. To install or update apps, select the “Apps” tab at the top of the screen.  Then select all the apps you’d like to install or update and then tap the action button in the bottom bar with one easy finger motion. All the apps you chose will be installed or updated. Just like that.

Metro App Apps

  • d. To check out the PC’s Hardware details, tap the “Hardware” tab at the top of the screen to view available disk space and defrag hard drives.  If the drive requires clearing or defragmentation you’ll be prompted with a “Defrag” or “Clear Space…” button making it easy for you to free up space on hard drives so that the person you’re helping can do more things on their PC.

Metro Hardware Defrag ClearSpace

You can add that personal touch by changing the Name, PC Name and Avatar of anyone you help whenever you want. Just select a person and tap “Edit” in the bottom bar. Choose from a bunch of different avatar options to find an avatar that suits them.

Metro Edit Button & Avatars

And to make things even easier, you can pin people to your desktop for quick access to their PCs. If there’s someone you help all the time, or certain PCs you check on a lot, just go to that person and tap “Pin to Start” in the bottom bar to create a shortcut. Then all you have to do is click their avatar from your desktop to jump straight to that person’s PCs.

Metro Pin & Desktop

If you’re away from your Windows 8 tablet or PC, don’t worry.  You can access Soluto by logging into so you can manage your PCs from any computer, anywhere in the world.

So that’s how simple it is to help your people do more with their PCs with the Soluto Metro App.  Try it out for yourself.

Can’t wait to hear what you think,