New Year, New Stuff in Soluto

At the start of every year we all think about resolutions; to be more organized, to be better at keeping in touch, to clean up more, the list goes on.  Resolutions are hard but this year Soluto can make some resolutions a little easier to keep.  At least when it comes to keeping in touch with people over Skype and getting your PC organized, even if the rest of your life is still a little messy.

Resolution 1: Keep in touch with people over Skype

Now with Soluto you can remotely install, update and set up Skype for the people you want to keep in touch with. With just one click you can set up Skype for your friends, family or work colleagues to use on their own PCs. Read more about this feature or try it out in the Apps section now.

Soluto remotely set up Skype

Skype is just the beginning. We’ll be helping you to remotely install and set up more must-have apps in the future, so watch this space.

Resolution 2: Be more organized

Sometimes we all feel a little disorganized and slowed down by lots of clutter.  That’s when we know it’s time for a spring cleaning.  Well the same is true for your PC.  Regularly defragmenting the system disk and clearing temp files keeps everything organized and clutter free so you can do more things, faster.  Check out your PC’s hard drives in the Hardware section.

Soluto Hardware defrag and clear disk space

Resolution 3: Keep fit and eat healthy

Sorry you’re on your own with that one.

So maybe we can’t help you with all of your resolutions but we hope Soluto’s new features can help with some. Have a look for yourself and stay tuned for more cool things to come.



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