How do you use Soluto?

Here at Soluto, we love hearing from our users.  We get lots of stories from all sorts of people, all across the world.  In the last few months many of you have been getting in touch to tell us how you’re using Soluto in your business, with friends, at college and even with far-away family.  We just can’t get enough of your stories.

If you’ve got an interesting story about how you’re using Soluto, we want to hear about it.  Send us all the details by email to  Our 20 favorite stories will get a Soluto t-shirt, and the top 5 will be honored in the Soluto Hall of Fame.  What’s the Hall of Fame I hear you ask, well it’s the spot in the office where we post interesting news articles, funny employee photos, and of course our favorite Soluto stories from you image3

But it’s not all about the prizes.  Your stories will help us understand how you’re using Soluto in the real world.  And that means that we can make Soluto even better for you, your colleagues, cousins, and even your cute new neighbor.

What’s your story?

Looking forward to hearing from you,